Music in The Mandate

We got a lot of feedback from the backers that they really liked the music for the backstory trailer which our composer Lubica Cekovskahas created. If you have not done so already we invite you to check out the video with an interview with Lubica as well as a rehearsal session with the orchestra

For the full game our plan is to create at least 60 minutes worth of original music and depending on community input we may create a bigger soundtrack as well

As for the music itself we have looked at several different sources and references. For example we started by purchasing CDs from the Russian Admiralty Band based in St Petersburg, the old seat of the Tsars. Some of the works which have been recorded on these CDs first required restoration work and research since the original notes had been lost or fell out of favour during the Soviet era.

Our plan is to create at least a full 60 minutes worth of original music for the full game!

As a thank you to the backers we are providing the download link in MP3 format below